Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 170: Plasterboard installation completed

Hi friends,

The remaining areas that requires plasterboards was completed today, the wet areas such as bathroom, ensuite, and laundry was installed with Aquacheck plasterboard which is a moisture resistance plasterboard and the rest of the house has the standard. I'm not sure why they didn't install the Aquacheck plasterboards to the kitchen and the main toilet area as these places is considered as wet areas. Anyway hopefully they will install the cornices tomorrow.

Ensuite: The Aquacheck plasterboard colour is sort of bluey grey colour

The bulkheads to the living room.

The fridge space and pantry (short one)
Kitchen: Can you see the colour difference between the Aquacheck and the standard plasterboard, the standard one are creamy/white colour while the Aquacheck is the bluey/grey colour. You can see the colour difference between the spare Aquacheck plasterboard leaning against the wall with the standard plasterboard installed. I believe they are suppose to install the Aquacheck to the kitchen wall where the sink are which is the panel underneath the window.
Hallway leading to the bathroom, laundry, toilet, and smaller bedrooms
Toilet: I believe they are suppose to install the Aquacheck plasterboard instead of the standard one.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 169: Plasterboards partially installed

Hi friends,

Things are starting to pick up with the plasterboards installed to the garage ceiling, all internal house ceiling, alfresco ceiling, entrance hallway, master bedroom, walk in robe, living room, and family room wall adjoining the bathroom, and fridge space. The remaining places that needs to be plastered are thebulkheads, ensuite walls, kitchen walls, bathroom walls, and back half of the house. If they work tomorrow the plastering should be completed. In addition, the fibre optic cabinet box was also installed.

Fibre optic cable cabinet installed
Master bedroom window Walk In Robe
Entrance hallway viewing from family room hallway
Living room
One of the incomplete living room bulkhead
Feature niche wall separating the living room and meal room
Entrance hallway linen viewing from living room Meal room viewing from family room
Family room

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 168: Insulation installed & plasterboard delivered

Hi friends,

Today the insulation batts were installed around all the external walls of the house. In addition, the plasterboards and cornices were delivered and are waiting to be installed. Other work completed today was the bobcat came to clear all the rubbish at the front of the house left by the site cleaners on Saturday.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 163 & 164: Duct heating vents installed and lock up inspection

Hi friends,

I had a pre-plaster inspection with my independent building inspector on the 23.06.2010 and there were a number of defects found some are cosmetic and some are structural, most of them are easily fixed. The serious ones are: some of the wall bracings had been cut therefore new ones need to be installed, in some places the truss is not sitting on studs therefore extra studs are added to the existing studs that are close by for support, missing noggings etc. Most of the other defects are acid stains to brick mortar, crack brick mortar in some places, acid stain to bricks, gaps between gutter barge and wall, eave corner was installed short. Also the heating guys were there installing the duct heating vents.

Today 24.06.2010 the carpenters came to fix the internal defects found at the lock-up inspection , the external defects hasn't been fixed yet but hopefully soon. A big thank you to my new site supervisor acknowledging and accepting to fix the defects without any hassles or complaints and for getting the carpenters in quickly to fix the defects.

Other works done were the electrician came back to re-install the alfresco powerpoint as it was to high, install electrical junction box above the kitchen side sliding door for future external light fitting.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 161: Install cement sheeting to eaves

Hi friends,

The cement sheeting was installed to the eaves around most of the house, the plasterers also installed metallic strips to the ceilings ready for the installation of plasterboard later on.
Below are photo's of the bricks after they have been washed.

Bedroom 2 window
Rear garage door

Living room sliding door
Rear of house

Bedroom 3

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 155 & Day 156: Bricks Cleaned

Hi friends,

The brick cleaners cleaned the bricks on 15.06.2010, most of the bricks were cleaned except the house facade and the porch area because it will be rendered later on. I forgot to bring the camera but the bricks colour turned out great however the mortar colour somehow has changed to a yellowy colour, I hope this is because the mortar is still wet and when it starts to dry the colour will go back to white. In addition, the parapet gutter on the garage boundary wall was also completed this mean that all the roof guttering is done.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 151: Internal lock up work continues

Hi friends,

The lock-up carpenters completed installing the cement sheeting above the rear garage door and they also installed the rear garage door. I'm locked out from the house so I'm not sure whether they did more work inside there. The site supervisor thinks internal plaster should be installed in a couple of weeks so I'm getting my independent building inspector in to check before it gets covered up. Let's hope there won't be any defects found at the lock-up inspection.

Cement sheeting and rear garage door installed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 150: Internal lock up work

Hi friends,

The lock-up carpenter was in to straighten the timber frames, nail the frames to the corner blockworks, install the bathtub. install the ensuite cavity sliding door frame, the front entrance door and the internal side entrance door via the garage. In addition, they installed the waterproof cement sheeting to the internal garage walls. That's alot of work for one day. I believe the lock-up carpenters will be back tomorrow to finish off. I forgot to take a photo of the bathtub.

Internal entrance door via the garage
Rear garage wall with only the section above the rear garage door to be done
The boundary side wall, the sheet is so dirty with shoe marks on it.
The ensuite cavity sliding door

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 148: Fibre cement, timbers, and doors delivered

Hi friends,

We are a step closer to completion of lockup stage with the internal garage and rear garage doors delivered however they still haven't finish bricking the wall above the rear garage door, the porch, and the feature masonary block at the front of the house. There's not much bricking to do so I don't understand why they just don't finish it. In addition, the bricks hasn't been cleaned yet, and they haven't put in the foam sheet into the articulated joint for bedroom 2 and bedroom 3 wall, they will need to ask my neighbour to allow them access to get the work done. Anyway they also delivered the fibre cement sheeting for the eaves, and I think they delivered the villaboards for the internal garage walls. I hope they won't install the villaboards yet as they still haven't fix the frame overhang.
They also delivered more timber for framing, my guess this is for the lock up carpenter to use when he goes around fixing the frames.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 144: Roof tiles installation completed

Hi friends,

The roof tiles installation was completed on Friday 04.06.2010 so we are extremely glad and happy about it after waiting so long. Lock up stage should be completed soon and hopefully they won't take forever to start on the internals.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 143: Roof tiles partially installed

Hi friends,

It's finally here folks after nearly 3 weeks since the roof tiles were delivered they decided to start installing the roof tiles and mind you they didn't just start they almost completed it, why couldn't they do this long time ago damn it. They started laying the roof tiles from the back of the house to the front with about 75% of the house completed. They still need to lay the front half of the living area up to the front of the house and also the front half of the garage, if they work tomorrow and I pray that they will then it should be completed.