Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 16 - Drainage Pipes Done!!!

Hello friends,

There's been more progress on our land today with the installation of the sewerage and storm water pipes. So thank you to our site supervisor for organising it. After looking at some of the pipes I noticed that they aren't that deep in the ground, they are probably about 30 cm or so deep. Anyway enjoy the pics and I will keep you all updated if further works are done.

The sewerage and drainage pipes sticking up around our land.

Ensuite - The one with the square bit on top is where the shower will be, the one near the wall is where the toilet will be, the middle one is where the double vanities will be, and the one with blue paint is one of the storm water pipes. I'm not sure of the little pipe but it could be a sewer vent.

Bathroom - The one with the square hat is where the shower will be, the two smaller pipes I assume the one in the middle is where the vanity will be, and the other one is where the bathtub will be. The small one at the back is where the laundry trough will be.

Looking from the ensuite the lot of pipes near the red brick house is where the kitchen will be, the lot of pipes in the middle is where the bathroom will be, the pipe closest to the house at the back is where the toilet will be and the faintly small pipe near the toilet at the back is the where the laundry trough will be.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 11 - The lonely electricity meter box!!!

Hi friends,

Yesterday it was day 11 and no drainage piping but we have the electricity meter box installed, so good enough. Doesn't it look lonely, so hopefully his friends Miss Concrete Slab, Mr. House Frame, and Mr. Brick will keep him company soon LOL (ok I'm seriously bored here).When looking at it we noticed how far our master bedroom is in front of our neighbours garage. Anyway it's only an electrical meter box so not that exciting to talk about.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 10 - Set Out Pegs Installed!!!!

Hello friends,

It's Day 10 and it has been 9 days since there was some action on our land. I went to our land today and surprise surprise we have the set out pegs done. There were alot of them dotted around the land marking where each room are. Thank you to our site supervisor for organising it. It feels great to see some action.
There were alot of pegs dotted around the perimeter of the land and it's great seeing them as it gives us an idea of the position of each room in the house.

I know I know enough with the babbling and let me see some photo's right LOL

The pegs are coloured in pink and it really stands out.

Next it should be the sewerage and stormwater drainage and then it won't be to long before we see the grey lady (concrete slab). See you all until then.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 1 - Wow what a suprise!! Site Cut!!!

Hello friends,

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas and New Year break, I am sure some of you did and some of you can't remember LOL.

I went to our block today to see if the rubbish that our neighbour's builder dumped on our land had been removed, when I arrived there I got more than what I expected, yes Zuccala Homes started the site cut woohoo!!! I would never have thought it would be this early even though they told us we should expect commencement around mid January 2010 to February 2010, wow they kept their word and it happened so a big thank you to Zuccala Homes.

Anyway enjoy the photo's below.

Site cut started.

Cut to garage.

Cut to porch.

Cut to alfresco.

Cut to rear of house.

I guess next is the installation of plumbing pipes for sewerage and stormwater. It's getting exciting so stay tuned for more updates.