Sunday, June 28, 2009

Land Settlement

Hello friends,

This is our first time writing a blog and it feels so strange sharing our building experience to the world (well my part of the world anyway). I hope all you guys will enjoy reading our journey in building our first house. Well lets get started...

Land: We decided to build our first house in Aurora Estate in the northern suburb of Melbourne. The reasons we chose to build here was that the cost of land was lower than the surrounding areas, has recycled water which is good for the environment and ofcourse for our cars lol, what the estate has to offer e.g optic fibre, schools, sport facilities (I can hear some of my friends laughing already), and close to my parents house. We started looking for land in November 2007, signed our land contract on 22 February 2008, land titled on 25 May 2009, and land settlement on 25 June 2009. Yes it's just over 1 year and 4 months (that's a long wait to get a piece of dirt).

Builder: We are building the Galleria (30m) by Zuccala Homes, at the moment we are waiting for tender (was told roughly 7 weeks) to see how our house will look like and the all important how much we are up for. If everything is all good then we wait for contract (roughly another 5 weeks on top), once done we signed and wait for the build to start (so roughly another 4-8 weeks). Just a never ending wait.

Anyway that's it for now, and please come back soon lol.