Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ready To Go!!!

Hello friends,

It's been a while since my last update, as most of the time nothing significant was happening. Well it's been a long wait and finally it happened yes friends in the last few weeks we received the following:

* Developer Approval for our plans - after two rejections.
* Then....... wait wait....... yes the Building Permit LOL
*Then the all important but dreaded and hated unconditional home loan approval aka Home Mortgage (imprison for the next 30 years LOL).

We didn't expect to receive all the approvals this year but we did and are extremely happy.

A funny story..... I normally go to my land to do a (well everyday) check up to see who been throwing what on my land and also to see if our backyard neighbours builder Highview Homes (more like Lowview Homes) had taken the large chunk of concrete which they dumped on our land away (which they still haven't). A couple of weeks ago I went to my land to do my everyday check up, when I arrived at the land I was fuming as the builder haven't removed the concrete so I walked around the land to see if any other garbage have been dumped on my land. When I completed my inspection and walked back to the car, I looked around and then I noticed that I have some water meters and taps. I just stood there surprised and went blank for a few seconds. I was thinking why are there water meters and taps on my land when I'm no way near construction yet. After a few seconds I just laughed thinking how I didn't see the water meters and taps when I was walking around my land as it was right in front of me LOL. Anyway I was so over joy that we have the water meters and taps that I rang my partner and tell her about it (crazy over some water meters and taps LOL) and she said SO (woman!) LOL.

The next wait is for site start. We were told that site start could occur between mid Jan 2010 and early Feb 2010, hopefully the former, so until then have a happy, safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year. See you all in 2010.