Saturday, August 22, 2009

Colour Selections

Hello Friends,
Yes I know it's been over a month since I last posted, and I'm sure you all were kicking and cursing me for not posting the colour selections lol. Well it hasn't been good times, I have been under a lot of stress from work and the progress on our building, well mostly from building because we have been waiting and trying to get updates for our very slow tender (nearly 10 weeks and still waiting - talk about slow hey, wondering if they really care?), I am nearly at the point of giving up on the idea of building, maybe I should just buy establish (less stress), it is so frustrating and at one point it seriously put a strain on my relationship with my partner (building a house is suppose to be enjoyable not a nightmare!). After researching about Zuccala Homes and getting good feedbacks from past clients, we seriously thought we found the right builder, well how disappointed I am now (oh well life sucks when you have no power to control things). The only thing keeping us with them at the moment is our wonderful sales consultant, but the ice is getting very thin. Anyway that story is for another time. So right now I need to get my mind of it and what better way to do it by writing about our colour selection.
I'm sure you probably just want to know how our colour selection went right? So here it goes, before arriving at the colour selection place, we were both nervous and excited, we did do some pre-planning on what we wanted but knew that those colours or items might not be standard. When the time arrived for our selections we were disappointed with their standard range actually we were totally shocked!!! We thought that there would be a good variety to choose in the standard range like other builders such as M*tricon, P@rter Davis, JGK but we were wrong. For benchtop and cabinet they only offer about 20 colours/pattern (we initially thought it be the whole laminex colour panel range), there was only 2 choices for cabinet handles, 1 style for internal door handles - either choose chrome or stainless steel, standard tile range wasn't that great, bathroom fixtures were like so 70's (looks very cheap) etc. So pretty much most of the stuff we wanted were upgrade$$$. Their brick range were ok and their standard paint colour range was excellent, we had a lot of colours to choose from, so that was a positive (well the down side is that our estate convenant restricts us from using certain colours for our exterior, stupid covenants lol). Another positive was the colour consultant she was good in helping us choose the colours, so a big THANK YOU.
You probably think by now "yeah yeah just let us know what you've chose". Well here it is folks, so enjoy or bore from our colour selections. Oh yeah for those of you who probably thinking "what the hell are colour selections?" well start building to find out lol.

Brickwork: Boral Heritage (the brown one)

Mortar Joints: Smooth/Flush
Mortar Colour: Natural (Yellow sand/Grey cement)
Colour Rendering:
Render 1 - Dulux Yarwood

Render 2 - Dulux Colorbond Dune

Render 3 - Dulux Colorbond Jasper

Roof: Homestead - Sambuca (black)

Windows: Black
Letterbox: Colorbond Jasper
Garage Door: Madison Profile in Colorbond Dune
Driveway: Expose Aggregate Concrete
Entrance Door: Corinthian Madison PMAD 104 Pivot with Translucent Glass
Entrance Door Paint: Dulux Redbox
Guttering: Colorbond Monument
Fascia: Colorbond Dune
Downpipes: Colorbond Monument
Eaves: Wattyl Magnesium
Interior: Walls - Wattyl Magnesium
Interior: Ceilings - Wattyl Magic White
Kitchen Cupboards - Formica Graphite Velour Finish

Kitchen Benchtop: Ceasarstone Ice Snow with Bevelled Edge
Kitchen Glass Splashback: Grey Nurse

Laundry Cupboards: Formica Antique Wiluna White Velour Finish

Benchtop: Ceasarstone Walnut with Bevelled Edge

Bathroom & Ensuite Cupboards: Formica Antique Wiluna White Velour Finish

Bathroom & Ensuite Benchtop: Ceasarstone Walnut with Bevelled Edge

Tapware: Bathroom & Ensuite Vanities - Novelli Diablo Basin Mixer

Bathroom & Ensuite Showers - Novelli Diablo Bath/Shower Mixer

Bathroom & Ensuite Showers - Methven Satinjet Futura Rail Shower 770mm

Bathtub - Novelli Diablo Bath/Shower Mixer and Novelli Bath Outlet

Kitchen: Novelli Goose Neck Sink Mixer.

Tiles: Walls & Floors: 400x400 - grey colour

Internal Door Handles: Chrome (the bottom one)

Well I hope you enjoy reading and looking at our colour selections. If the end results turn out shocking when the house is completed (if we build) it's the missus fault lol (sssshhh). Anyway, next is tender but who knows when that will be (hopefully soon). We might not even get to tender, if we don't have tender by end of next week, we might just cancel and get out of building or go to another builder, let wait and see what happens next week (at the moment I'm extremely disappointed at Zuccala Homes).