Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Contract Signed Yippee!!!

Hello friends,

It's been over a month since I last update, well the heading says it all yes we finally signed our contract and it was before the cut of point for the $32,000 First Home Owners Grant (FHOG)now now I know the abbreviations does not look good so don't laugh as I'm not a F HOG lol. Anyway Zuccala Homes in the end provided us with the all important contract before 30 September 2009 cut off date as promised so a massive THANK YOU to them and I salute them for meeting the timeline. We would also like to thank our Sales Consultant (J.R) for her patience and assistance during this period, she is fantastic and in way it is sad not dealing directly with her anymore.

Yes there were some mistakes in the contract but they were minor but most of it are spot on so very happy with them on that part as well.

I would love to share what was written in the contract but they made us sign as part of the contract a confidentially clause which restrict us from talking about it (not happy personally, but commercially understandable). What I can say to those of you that's just started make sure you get everything in writing I mean everything and make sure you list down all the stuff you want to get quoted on before tender. For those of you who signed tender and are waiting for contract recheck your tender e.g drawings, standard inclusions etc over and over again until you feel confident that everything are correct and all upgrades you want are there because they aren't flexible to any changes especially to drawings when contracts are ready for signing. The variation fee for any changes are outrageously shocking. So make sure you recheck everything because we wanted to do a couple of minor changes such as rendering where the front door area are, which we now regret for not checking properly and now can't be added on unless we pay the outrageous variation fee.

Ok that's it for now. Those of you who are still interested in my boring blog keep a look out for the next update, and those of you who are don't want to follow my blog anymore then party hard lol.