Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 183: Permanent front entry door installed

Hi friends,
Things are cruising along nicely with the installation of the permanent front entry door and the cut out to the plasterboard for the powerpoints completed. We upgraded the front entry door to a 2040mm x 1020mm Corinthian PMAD 104 pivot door with translucent glass, however we initially wanted the door to be 2040mm x 1200mm but was told it is not available. The door will be painted red and the door handle will the push bar type with a bolt cylinder deadlock. In addition, the masonary blocks has been delivered, so now we are waiting for the brickies to return to lay it.

Pivot front entry door

They installed the architrave to the gap between the garage brick and cement sheeting.


  1. Hi POLO ,
    Are you doing a PCI inspection with Private Inspector?
    I did and had 1 structural such as no 5MM gap for the windows .The rest was cosmetic as such ,tiles not fallen in place ,mortar ,acid on bricks etc

  2. Hi Andy,

    Yes I will be getting an inspector in at PCI to make sure things are done right. I had inspectors in to inspect at the following stages: pre-slab, frame, and lock-up,so will definitely get one for PCI.

    The inspectors found a few structural problems and to my builders credit they fixed most of it without any hesitation. There are still some defects that needs to be fixed, the main one is the frame overhang to 2 places in the garage one is a load bearing wall, I was told they are getting the concreter to return to fix it with structural grout, they haven't installed the skirting to where the overhang is located but have installed it to the non-overhanged wall, so my guess is they are waiting for the concreter.

  3. I wish I had the money to get all 4 Inspections ,its well worth it. I emailed my inspection report to the SS and CLO yesterday,still haven heard anything .I have circled some things that I will not negotiate on such as ,Gaps between windows,fascia installed too short etc I will use the report to wheel and deal with them.
    I was informed that builders want you to complete handover and they then provide a letter stating that all defects raised at PCI will be complete within the 13 weeks of the defects liabilty period.
    Clause 26 of HIA Contract mentions that if at Handover inspection the defects raised at PCI are not completed the owner gives the builder another letter and a further 7days.
    Iam not eager to move in unless everything is rectified ,once you handover the final cheque it can be a hassle getting them back or agreeing to fix things.

  4. Hi Andy,

    Congratulations on reaching PCI stage, must be exciting time knowing that the house is nearly yours and you can move in.

    Yes I heard a lot of people saying they have trouble getting the builder to organise the tradies to come back and fix the defects after handover even though it was written in the PCI documents.They said builders will keep telling you that the tradies will come but never does and sooner or later you will get frustrated and just give up, so I think it is probably best not to hand over the final payment until they fix everything.