Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 182: Skirtings and remaining doors installed

Hi friends,

More progress was achieved with the completion of the skirting, remaining architraves, door jambs and doors, only the architraves/skirtings around the windows still needs to be installed. The skirting, architraves, door jambs, and internal doors are all builder's standard, the skirtings are 67mm x 15mm MDF bevelled edge, the architraves are 67mm x 15mm MDF bevelled edge, the door jambs are 110mm x 19mm MDF, the internal doors are Corinthian Readycote Flush panels, pretty much standard stuff so nothing to exciting. On a different note one thing I noticed around the house was that the insulation which was put around the external doors was pulled out, I am guessing they did it to make the installation of the architrave more easier e.g the insulation could cause the architrave not to be flush, I don't know why they did it but I don't think it is right. Anyway, it is getting closer to the exciting stuff the internal colours and fixtures such as the installation of vanities, cabinets, tapwares, and painting of the internal walls.

Skirtings to one of the minor bedrooms
Door jambs and architraves to all the internal doors. Pics below are toilet and laundry.
Hallway leading to rear of house
Double doors to master bedroom

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