Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 206: Grouting to tiles & expose aggregate work

Hi friends,

More work was done today with the tiler grouting all the tiles, the only thing he has left to do is the tiling around the vanities in the laundry, bathroom, and ensuite. In addtion, I think the concreter washed away the top cement in order to expose the aggregates but not sure if the concrete had been sealed.


  1. Hi Polo,

    I'm looking into building the galleria with Zuccala as well. I love the changes to the windows you have made to the front facade (master bedroom). Can you tell me what size the windows are? Did you have any trouble changing them with Zuccala and getting the bricking above the windows?


  2. Hi Maria,

    The windows are 1860(h) x 660(w) awning windows. There was no trouble in getting the windows changed and the brick infill above the windows and doors was standard when we signed our contract.

    Have you signed contract yet?

  3. Hi Polo,

    I'm at tender stage...but they're telling me there's a problem with having brick over the windows because of the eaves. Basically, they're saying that if I was to put in the same size windows as you have, with bricks over the windows, they have to put ?lintel to support the eaves, and the windows will end up at the level of the floor inside of the room.

    Does that make sense?


  4. Hi Maria,

    I am not sure why they would need a lintel to support the eave when the overhang of the roof frame is where the eaves are attached to. If you want the brick infill then yes they would need steel lintel which are placed above each of the window to hold up the bricks but it got nothing to do with the eaves though. Please note that we upgraded our ceiling to 2700mm therefore you will see more brick courses above the windows however if you drive around the estate there is a galleria on bail street that has the same window as ours and ceiling height is the standard height, however they only have one brick course above the window but I think you could get away with two. You could take a photo of the house and show them that it can be done without the windows being at floor level.

    I am not sure if they have changed the standard specifications or standard inclusions but with ours the brick infills above windows are standard, so please recheck the specifications/inclusions sheet to see if it's standard and if it is then you have the right to have the brick infills.

  5. Hi Polo,

    Thanks for you help...

    Can you tell me how far off the floor your windows are from the INSIDE of the house?



  6. Hi Maria,

    The distance between the finished floor level (no floor covering) and the window reveal/architrave is about 35cm off the floor.

  7. Hi Polo!

    I'm not sure if you still check your blog or not but just wondering if you could potentially post up pictures of your facade?

    I'm particularly interested in seeing how the Dune and Jasper render looks against the bricks as we are seriously considering these colours for our home..

    thanks so much in advance! :)